Dele Adesina & Co.’s Litigation Lawyers/Counsels have represented Clients both at the States and Federal Courts, throughout the Federation.  Our Counsel engages in productive brainstorming exercise to come out with the best strategy to prosecute our Clients’ interest.  We see our role as providing not only legal counsel but also professional business advice so that the final outcome is favorable to our Clients’ goals and objectives.  Our litigation experience covers the under listed areas:

  1. General Commercial Litigation
  2. Oil & Gas
  3. Banking and Finance and Debt recovery
  4. Insurance
  5. Real Estate and Landed Disputes
  6. Constitutional Law Litigation
  7. Prosecution and defence of criminal cases
  8. Election Petition cases
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Dele Adesina & Co’s corporate and commercial practice involves representation of private and public owned companies in business formation, operations, organization, finances, mergers & acquisitions, debt securities, strategic alliances and a wide variety of commercial transactions including negotiations and documentation of transactions and assistance with regulatory filings and compliance.

In the area of corporate financing, the Business Department of Dele Adesina & Co. is very active, as it is willing and ready to represent Clients in public and private financing. In private financing, the firm acts as counsel to both issuers and investors in raising capital, including institutional and venture capital placements.

The Corporate and Commercial Department is well capable of representing individual borrowers, domestic and foreign banks and other financial institutions in secured and unsecured loan transactions, credit enhancement facilities, letters of credit, loan participation and in restructuring problem loans.  We have extensive experience in consulting for foreign investors on issues of Company formation, registration of business names, procurement of business, residential and various operating licenses.

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Dele Adesina & Co. is one of the leading firms in Nigeria with vast experience in the practice of Energy and Natural Resources Law.   We have specific expertise in Oil & Gas Law.  Our firm provides legal support for the companies involved in the exploration and production of petroleum including advice on onshore and offshore exploration, securing licences for oil exploration, oil prospecting and oil mining.  We have also been involved in negotiation of fair compensation between the host communities of oil producing states and the oil prospecting companies.

We are very conversant with and have advised effectively on the laws relating to oil prospecting, production, distribution and marketing of petroleum and gas (upstream and downstream sectors).  We have extensive experience in negotiating specialised Oil and Gas agreements like Joint Venture Agreement, Farm-in Agreement, Production Sharing Contracts and Service Contracts.

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Our Constitutional Law practice includes litigating Human Right abuses, challenging constitutional violations, defending the fundamental Human Rights of individuals, including the defence against illegal and unconstitutional arrest and detention.

Our specialist attorneys are involved in intergovernmental relations. We work with other Human Rights Groups in ensuring a free and fair society against perceived oppression.  Dele Adesina, SAN is a key member of the Committee for the Defence of Human Rights (CDHR), a non-governmental organization involved in the pursuit of enthronement of Fundamental Human Rights and a member of the Human Rights Committee of the Nigerian Bar Association.

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At Dele Adesina & Co. we understand the special class and nature of Election Petition cases as well as its intricacies and technicalities both in the presentation of Election Petition and/or in defending such Petitions.

We have handled Petitions in respect of State and National Assembly Elections, as well as Gubernatorial Election Petitions.

Dele Adesina & Co. recognises the need to maintain the sanctity of electoral process particularly the overriding significance of ensuring and attaining a free, fair and credible election. We recognise that ultimate sovereignty lies with the people from whom the elected officials at all levels must derive their authority. Therefore, the voice of the electorates must not only be heard loud and clear but also be respected.  That is the very essence of democracy.

At Dele Adesina & Co. we do not only bring our professionalism to bear in election cases but we also recognise our non-negotiable and uncompromising duty to the public interest, rule of law and the demands of an ideal democracy.

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Alternative Dispute Resolution

Our membership of the Negotiation and Conflict Management Group (NCMG) is based on our firm believe that disputes can better be settled at the earliest possible time by employing the mechanism of alternative dispute resolution such as mediation, conciliation, commercial arbitration and where practicable the use of retired judges as negotiators and conciliators.

We have found out that suggesting ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) options to our Clients often lead to quick, effective and satisfactory settlement of cases thereby relegating litigation to a last resort option. Our seasoned commercial arbitrators provide expertise required for speedy, efficient, effective and binding alternative methods of resolving disputes.

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Intellectual Property

Dele Adesina & Co. understands that intellectual property rights like patents, copyrights, trademarks and trade secrets are valuable company assets. Therefore, we take it as our responsibility to establish and protect our clients’ intellectual property rights.  We offer full legal services to indigenous companies seeking National or International patent protection and to international companies planning to do business in Nigeria.  Dele Adesina & Co. helps protect the content of a Company’s Internet site and other technology-related assets, which may include all of the intellectual property areas described above.

Our intellectual property experts are well experienced in the areas of copyright, trademark, patent, and trade secret.  The firm has worked on collaboration agreements, licensing, and software development. Our attorneys have been involved in advising on Acquisition, Registration, Protection of Intellectual Property Rights, Franchising and Licensing.

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We have vast experience in the area of debt recovery arising out of non-compliance with and or outright breach of contractual obligations.  We regularly act as Counsel to several Banks and Financial Institutions.

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Real Estate

Dele Adesina & Co.’s Real Estate Attorneys act as “Legal Architects” putting to use all of the tools within their knowledge to achieving the dream of our Clients in real estate into reality.

At Dele Adesina & Co., we combine land planning, land development with real estate practice. Our real estate experts are well positioned to represent local and foreign lenders in negotiating and documenting complex real estate financing involving diverse projects. The practice also includes land and building acquisitions, development, construction and marketing of property leasing and day-to-day real estate operations.  Our real estate Attorneys also engage in the following:-

  1. The conduct of negotiations, searches, enters into correspondence with and investigates the title of persons involved in dealings relating to land.
  2. The drafting and engrossing of leases, mortgages and other instruments affecting land and where necessary obtains the approval thereto of any Government Official or Local Authority whose approval may be required.  We also attend to the Stamping and Registration of land and all registrable instruments.
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